Jim Toner: Do These Things

Jim Toner is a successful entrepreneur with more than 28 years of experience in real estate investment. It’s a career he purposefully ventured into after crunching the numbers of his multiple jobs and realizing that he could never provide for his family all that he wanted at that rate. He studied the ‘real estate investment with no money down’ courses for several months and then he made his first deal. Then he closed another and then another and another. Several years in, he started to share his methodology and strategies with his family and friends. They soon suggested that he offer conference seminars where more people could attend.

Though he would continue the path of success, he did encounter some harsh adversity thereafter, as well. But he and his family pulled through it and exited the ordeal as refined gold. Jim Toner shares with us some of the keys that serve as the foundation for his and his family’s success.

He advises us to rise early, spend some time simply in thought and then expend physical energy. These three activities alone help him to keep his mind and body positioned to exert more and new energy. Jim also reveals that he guides his daily accomplishments from an angle of an overall understood direction (as developed during his quiet, early morn, thinking session) but allowing for the day’s happenings to also carry him productively through it. Another of his tips for a lifetime of success is reading regularly. This permits you to acquire knowledge and perspectives that may differ from your present paradigm in a positive way. Likewise, reading gives you something new to discuss with others as you build and solidify relationships. Jim Toner suggests we read Victor Frankl’s book “Man’s Search For Meaning.”

Real estate entrepreneur Jim Toner teaches that of utmost importance, particularly in regards to financial success, is that we must maintain a healthy and positive attitude. This is the true mark of an entrepreneur and all who dare to meet life head on and thrive right through it. This us an aspect of the resilience factor. Though it helps to have a team, your personal level of undaunted determination will even impact their willingness and enthusiasm.

Finally, Jim Toner (@thejimtoner) counsels us to lead lives of disciplined freedom. With purposeful living as demonstrated through time management and smart goal setting, we empower ourselves to live fully. We must work for ourselves and master sales. Consult with those who know more than you on the topic and emulate what these successful people are doing. He also acknowledges that these keys to success remain the same across generations and through millinea. Our surroundings and tools will change but our fundamental response as human beings remains the same. That response encompasses integrity, bravery, diligence and kindness. The formula doesn’t change. And while you’re at it, buy yourself some real estate. It’s the cornerstone of building family wealth. Here’s an interesting vimeo documentary featuring Jim Toner.

Learn more about Jim Toner: crunchbase.com/person/jim-toner

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