John Goullet: Climbing His Way Up the Ladder

When someone hears the name John Goullet or the hear the name of the company Diversant, they can’t help but be impressed by what they stand for and all that they have accomplished. This is a company that was built on blood, sweat, and tears. They have started from the bottom, worked their way up, and they are beyond pleased to be in the position they are in now in terms of the company. It didn’t happen overnight and that is what makes it all the more gratifying for them. If you look on their tremendous website, you will see three things that stand out in terms of their mission statement: passion, leadership, and experience.

In my mind, you will not find three things that are more important than that. When it comes to passion, you need to feel excited each and every morning that you wake up to go to work. You need to feel it in your bones. You can’t wait to start the day and see what lies ahead and dive right into your work. It isn’t just a job for you. With John Goullet, the Principal of the company, that is most definitely the case. He is an entrepreneur, so you know he is knows how to start something, create something, and build something. If he weren’t passionate about something, he wouldn’t be doing it in the first place.

As far as leadership, he knows how to gain the respect of his peers by a leadership method that involves respect but also knowing he has an open-door policy in terms of communication. No one wants a boss that is too easy or too friendly. You want to learn from this person. You also want to impress them at the same time and make a good impression. As far as his experience, his many successful times in the IT sector prove that as well as being an IT consultant before going over to IT staffing in 1994. He tries his hand in a little bit of everything and is not afraid of the unknown or what might be a mystery to him. He is willing to learn.

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