July 1st Is Canada Day

America has its own Independence Day celebration, resplendent with fireworks, great food and family gatherings. But who knew that Canada has a similar day with grand and fun festivities to celebrate its own creation. On July 1, 1986, the three British colonies of the United Province of Canada, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick joined to become a single unity named Canada. That day began Canada’s gradual independence from the British Empire and is considered its actual birthday called Canada Day (previously called Dominion Day).

This is the day for family parties, fireworks, sporting events, and special ceremonies throughout Canada and extending outside its borders to include China, Mexico and the United States. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police perform publicly throughout Canada, looking splendid in their red uniforms and waving the beautiful white and red Canadian flag.

The food of the day is varied but is pretty much in line with out July 4th barbeques and summer salads and fruits. Chef Jamie Oliver has recipes to celebrate with on his food site,

This is an ideal time to visit our neighbor Canada, especially because on this day the national parks, historic sites and conservation areas are free to the public.

Canada is a vast and beautiful country with stunning parks, trails, old buildings, castles and historical areas as well as museums and tours. Adam Sender likes visiting every once in a while with millions of others.

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