Kanye West Pens Philosophy Book on Twitter

It’s been a long time since the public has heard from rapper Kanye West, but that has all changed within the past week or so. After a triumphant return to Twitter, the megastar revealed that his new album with Kid Cudi will debut on June 8. In addition, he also mentioned that he is now crafting a book on philosophy—on Twitter. Although many of his critics may scoff at this news, Yeezy’s tweets thus far have been introspective and fascinating, focusing on his life as an artist. Dispensing advice for his followers, such as advising them to eschew the idea of constantly being in competition, West seems to have struck a nerve with many. Indeed, his quotes are racking up a record amount of likes and retweets.

He said that the reason he is putting the book up on Twitter is that he does not want to be constrained by the ideas of publishers and others who could aim to dilute his message or alter it. Claiming that he does not see this book as a financial venture, West has now opined on everything from time theory to borrowing nuggets from other artists in order to create something new. For those who have put West in the “rant” category, these new tweets showcase a much different, more enlightened side of the 40-year-old rapper and father of three.

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