Keith Mann a Dynamic Individual

1995 was the beginning of a long and illustrious career for Keith Mann. He became the Alternative Investments manager with Dynamic Associates. What Dynamic Associates could not have predicted was how quickly Keith Mann would advance to Senior Vice-president. In as little as five years he had been promoted to the top of the ranks.

In 2001, Mann cofounded Dynamic Search Partners. Since its inception, Dynamic Search Partners has placed over 2000 individuals with a variety of investment and equity firms. Over the years Dynamic Search Partners has built a reliable relationship with some of New York City’s major hedge fund and alternative investments firms. Keith Mann has taken Dynamic Search Partners into other areas of the financial district besides investment staffing.

Dynamic Search Partners has worked with many charitable causes such as assisting underprivileged high school students. Keith Mann has used his skills to help prepare our future leaders to get the best start in their endeavors while they are still in high school. Keith Mann has been active in several charitable organizations such as the Hope and Heroes foundation that fund childhood cancer research.

Mann continues to guide Dynamic Search Partners with a the experience and knowledge of what it takes to succeed but also to build a community. It is through this knowledge Keith Mann has used his problem solving skills to meet the needs of less fortunate communities. Keith Mann’s experience in the investment and executive roles has given him insight into what would help those that are often times overlooked for higher paying and skilled positions. He has learned the best way to help those in need is to help them get the direction and education they need. Keith Mann has invested time and money working in partnership with a charter schools to help students becomes better prepared for college

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