Keith Mann sponsors a new scholarship

Entrepreneurship makes America great. From colonial times on, people with entrepreneurial instincts have brought major change to country. Edison brought light to the country. Henry Ford changed transportation forever, and Steve Jobs forever changed the way we view computing. These entrepreneurs had brilliant ideas, but they also were committed to bringing change to the world. Entrepreneurs should be celebrated and we should encourage them to bring change to the world, but until recently there were few methods of incentivizing entrepreneurship.

Keith Mann is an amazing entrepreneur in his own right. His skills have allowed his company, Dynamic Search Partners, to excel, even in turbulent economies. His unique skill set allowed the company to reach new customers and come up with new products. The company continues to grow and Keith Mann is proud of his progress. While Keith Mann is happy to bring success to his company, he also wishes to change the world.

Keith Mann believes that entrepreneurship is a key engine for global change. Great entrepreneurs see the world differently and can bring new products and services to the world. These new products and services make life more convenient. Mann wants to encourage entrepreneurship, so he recently unveiled a new scholarship program.

Keith Mann has partnered with Uncommon Schools, a group of charter schools in New York City, to establish a new scholarship. The scholarship amounts to $5,000 which can be applied towards college tuition. The scholarship will be available to one student from an Uncommon Schools high school. The contest will require a 1000 word essay focusing on how a scholarship will help them achieve their professional goals. Keith feels that this scholarship will give a potential entrepreneur the opportunity to get a great education.

Keith Mann is changing the world every day at Dynamic Search Partners. His company is innovating new solutions to society’s problem. While Keith knows he is making a difference, he also wants to encourage others to start their own company. Keith feels that this new scholarship will create opportunities for future leaders. Hopefully, many kids benefit from this scholarship and start their own business.

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