Kidnapping a Hoax

Aaron Quinn reported his girlfriend, Denise Huskins, missing to the Vallejo Police Department on March 23, 2015. Two days later, the 29-year old knocked at the apartment door of her father. YouTube videos showed that now police officials are saying the couple may face charges after what appears to be a hoax kidnapping and attempt to extort $8,500 in ransom money.

Middle of the Night Kidnapping

According to the police department, Quinn reported his girlfriend missing late Monday night. He reportedly said that two men entered the couple’s home in the middle of the night, taking the woman and demanding the $8,500 ransom money for her safe return. According to police, officials had a hard time believing Quinn’s story for the get-go.

Even with the police department’s skepticism about the kidnapping more than 100 people and 40 detectives searched for Huskins near the waters surrounding Vallejo and Mare Island. Federal and/or state charges could result from the efforts involved in finding her.

Dad Calls Police
Immediately after his daughter showed up at his southern California home, Huskins’ father called the Huntington Beach Police Department, and the young woman was transported back to Vallejo. It is still unclear how Huskins managed to travel the more than 400 miles to her father’s home.

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