Kyle Bass Advises American Investors To Be Concerned

China has been pulling a fast one on us, and not paying attention to this will likely lose America millions and billions–even trillions–of dollars by year’s end. The big irony of it is, that largely communist country is losing money the same way America’s supposedly “capitalist” economy did back in 2008: a bunch of banks are allowing loans that won’t ever return the money. The chickens are being released out the back of flying bomber, and there’s no way they’re ever going to come home and roost. How bad is the problem? China’s banking system has a worth of about 35 trillion, but the entire country’s yearly GDP is only 10 trillion. That’s a difference factor of some 350%.

So why is this bearish for American markets? Well, a lot of American industry is tied to China right now. Donald Trump’s ubiquitous lips blubbering “China” may not be making those East Coast utterances without cause. America is so tied to the Chinese economy, when the other shoe drops, the USA stands to lose between a tenth and a fifth of its economic power; and that’s an economic grizzly twice the size of a polar bear if you think about it. The domino effect is going to result in an additional recession, and America is already in substantial debt. China’s economy could result in a very negative domino effect.

But maybe Kyle Bass is just the boy who cried “bear” as UsefulStooges is reporting. Though, in his case, the story would have to be inverted, as he’s successfully cried “bear” several times. Bass is a hedge fund manager out of Argentina who has ties to the country’s socialist president Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner. He currently operates out of Texas, and the reason he’s being mentioned here is that he A.), successfully predicted the crisis which burst America’s economic bubble in 2008 due to sub-prime lending, and B.), he’s been able to manipulate the stock market via pharmaceutical companies in order to short sell his own stock.

Bass is the leader of an organization called The Coalition For Affordable Drugs, which has been successful in their effort to decrease the cost of some big-time pharmaceuticals’ medicines. When the price dropped, Bass short-sold his stocks and made a pretty penny. It was done completely legally, though the technique is under-handed, and the US government has waxed bipartisan trying to shut Bass down but to no avail.

So is his advisement to be taken, or should it be ignored? That’s something which can’t easily be decided; but should the economy drop between ten and twenty percent by year’s end, then the right choice one should have made will be nothing but evident.   More about Kyle and his predictions can be read on his blog.

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