Latina Actresses Ivonne Cole, Eva Longoria, Ana de la Reguera React to Trumps Victory

“This has been like a nightmare to me,” the energetic Latina and Jane the Virgin star told Buzzfeed news at Eva Longoria’s event dinner for the Eva Longoria Foundation. The dinner is held annually and showcases the foundation’s educational and empowerment efforts for young Latinas, but this year’s dinner was more of a wake than a celebration. Longoria shared “It’s been a hard two days.” This may have been a bit of an understatement considering the actress worked on Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

Another notable actress, Ana de la Reguera, who stars in Narcos, was quoted as saying: “Giving advice to Latinos is tough because we are afraid. I’ve gone through every emotion —anger and sadness– but you have to try to find some hope or inspiration.”

While spirits were clearly damped by the election results, these women and other attendees brilliantly stepped up to help those lost and confused as a result of this election find hope and faith in themselves going forward. The evening proved to revitalize the Latina spirit, and to serve as an example to others how to find strength and success in their community. Attendees were advised to find themselves in their roots, to honor their traditions and to understand that these traditions and values are as much a part of the American as any other culture. Coll reminded attendees that our country was built on the strength of its immigrants, and that is what makes our country great.


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