Lea Michele Responds to Cruelty with a Love for Carbs

When one thinks of celebrities, they imagine the glitz and the glamour without much in between. Essentially, the money and fame deteriorate the fact that these stars are people with feelings, ambitions, and a great deal of burdens as well. Being in the public eye is a fairly ugly reality, especially for celebrity women. Day in and day out, women are subject to being scrutinized for the slightest, including any fluctuations in weight, appearance, and their choice of outfit for the day. When John Stamos shared a video of Lea Michele reading an unsavory article about herself, it went viral for all of the right reasons.


The article discussed Lea’s current downfalls, though most of them false. Stating that the Glee starlet is depressed and using that as an opportunity to overindulge in baked goods and pasta, it went as far to say that she had put on a decent amount of weight. As Michele sat reading these horrid words, listeners could tell that it was not all fun and games and that this is a reality that not only celebrities experience but that women suffer from each day. After shaming the magazine and naming it for the public to make their own decisions, her friend and starlet, Emma Roberts, asked her what she would like to eat for lunch.


“Pasta and baked goods,” proudly yelled Michele and further supported why the world loves her and will keep fighting for peace for women.

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