Let Lime Crime Brighten Your Life

Lime Crime is a cosmetics company that focuses on encouraging you to be you! Doe Deere, owner and founder, was inspired to start her own makeup business when she reached the sad realization that she couldn’t find a line of cosmetics that was vibrant enough to match the clothing she created. Her line of lipstick, Unicorn Lipsticks, went public in 2009.

Deere has since added two other lipstick lines, Velvetines and Perlees. As well as lipstick, Line Crime also makes liquid eye liner, mascara palettes and various hair products. All Lime Crime products have been cruelty-free since the start, and as of 2012, all products uphold Vegan standards as well. These standards are important to Deere and she prides herself in the quality of the products produced by her company.

If you like to stay up to date on new hair dye trends, Lime Crime is one step ahead of you. Check out hairspiration on their blog and you’ll see all of today’s current hair trends. Right now, everything from snap clips and glitter buns to peach and mint hair are being featured. Lime Crime also has your back if you have colorfully dyed hair and you need to know what color make up to match with it! Just visit www.limecrime.com and check out #limecrime on Twitter and Instagram and you can scroll through pictures of many different hair colors along with the perfect make up pairings.

Whether you can’t find the right color make up to compliment your vibrant personality or you need to liven up an outfit, Lime Crime’s page on Amazon is the perfect place to find what you’re looking for. With the expert advice they offer, you can easily brighten up your life and look amazing while doing it.  Facebook is a good way to follow them for new products.

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