Letoya Luckett Reigns as True Survivor

When it comes to being a survivor in the entertainment industry
Letoya Luckett knows this role better than anyone. Even though the former group that she was a part of would be the ones that would put fourth a single called “Survivor,” LeToya Luckett would show herself to be the one that actually embodied the spirit of a survivor. She has been apart of the music industry for more than two decades. She has also endeavored into acting over the years. She was a former member of Destiny’s Child, but within the last decade LeToya Luckett has been known much more so for her solo career.

She would become one of the members of Destiny’s Child that would actually go on to have a successful career with cameos on various shows like “The Real Husbands of Hollywood.” Luckett would also appear in movies like “The Preacher’s Daughter.” She would become a very interesting piece of the entertainment puzzle in the urban movie scene. She would also become someone that connected with a lot of R&B fans as an artist that never gave up.

The thing that most people like about LeToya Luckett is that she has always been very open about getting kicked out of Destiny’s Child in her early years in entertainment. She would also be very open about her marriage that has been dissolved this year. People like the fact that LeToya Luckett stays in a place where she is open about things that have happened, but she is not carrying forth any resentment. She has never had anything negative to say about Beyonce. She has never had anything to say about the marriage in a bad way. Latoya has been a mature woman that has believes in learning lessons from every experience that she was involved in.

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