Lime Crime: Blazing A Trail for Unicorns

I’m sure you’ve heard of a Unicorn, but did you know it has many different meanings? While many know it as the charming, horse=like mythical creature with a point on its head, it is also a word that describes businesses and startups that skyrocket to success. Uber has been described as a Unicorn. A Unicorn in the beauty industry you may or may not have heard of yet that is changing the way women everywhere buy makeup is Lime Crime. The company sells a line of pure Vegan & 100% cruelty-free makeup.


The company culture is one makes you see how much it treasures its loyal fan base, or as Lime Crime calls them, their Unicorns. The spirit of the Unicorn extends from the company’s Uber-like skyrocket to success down to each and every “Unicorn” fan.


The Unicorn-like success has a lot to do with the company’s base of followers. Their following has been described as cult-like, and just a peek at their social media presence shows that is absolutely true. People that purchase the brands lipsticks, shadows and other products are incredibly loyal. They share photos of themselves sporting Lime Crime products on social media and, unlike many larger brands, the company actually engages with them. Their engagement with fans extends so deeply that the company has a section of their website devoted to “How U Wear It,” that showcases photos by real users that posted photos to social media. By putting digital marketing and social media first in its efforts, the company has managed to deeply resonate with today’s shopper, that often looks to the internet when considering a purchase.


It is a revolutionary company for sure and that revolution spirit starts at the top with founder Doe Deere. She is a lover of bright colors herself, which is reflected in her brand’s palettes and shades. Her goal when she launched her company in 2002 was to encourage women and men everywhere to express themselves through makeup products that released their inner spirit, while still remaining true to the Vegan and cruelty-free causes many are so deeply passionate about.

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