Lime Crime Provides Wild Hair Dye Colors That Are Cruelty Free

What is Chocolate Cherry, Blue Smoke and Neon Peach all over? The answer is Lime Crime’s bodacious new line of semi-permanent unicorn inspired hair dyes. Those are a few of the names of the web-based beauty line’s 13 recently released bold hair dye colors. Available in full coverage or tints, these vegan friendly dyes are sure to turn heads.


After three long years of work, Lime Crime’s CEO and founder Doe Deere concocted a PETA and Leaping Bunny certified line of hair dyes that will suit even the most rebellious at heart. The Unicorn line of dyes includes fun names like Dirty Mermaid, Leeloo and Sext and showcases dyes with edgy hues of bright purple, orange, blue and green. Deere tested these products on her own hair, and each of them resembles her own pioneering style of crazy hair colors.


Each color comes in full saturation or tints depending on your preference. Unicorn users with bleached or platinum blonde hair will enjoy the deepest and longest lasting color. However, most users can expect full saturation dye to last for 10-12 washes, and tints to last for 8-10 washes. As with other hair dye products, using gentle shampoos designed for dyed hair will help to lengthen the life of the dye. Each jar of Unicorn themed hair dye costs only $16, which allows plenty of room to try new colors and do some experimenting in order to find your unique combination.


Speaking of combinations, Lime Crime even provides some suggestions on their website for combinations that work well. You don’t have to be limited by the 13 pre-made options. Blue Steel and Petal Pink are just two of the pre-tested color combination results you can expect from your experimentation. As always, this adventurous beauty line is committed to helping you find your unique and rebellious style.


Along with promoting a look and lifestyle that delves from the norm, Deere takes a stand against traditional beauty industry faux paus including testing on animals and using animal by-products. If you are an animal lover with crazy style, this just may be the brand for you.

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