Lori Senecal A Born Leader

Lori Senecal’s goal is to be a dynamic individual, a woman is a capable of achieving the highest levels of success. Lori’s goal is to expand and grow what is known as the Cripsin Porter and Bogusky Advertising Agency. Lori currently oversees the agencies nine international offices, and is focused on the agencies vision for the future as a massive global advertising industry leader.

Lori was named “Agency Excutive To Watch” in 2016 and continues to be a driving force behind the companies success. Previous to her role at CP+B Senecal was President and CEO of the MDC Partner Network where she was responsible for strategic vision and increasing teamwork across the company. Lori truly believes that having a positive attitude and a goal oriented mindset has produced the type of success she enjoys today. Lori believes that employees should have the career they want.

Lori Senecal believes that people should follow their passion, and match up their skill sets to find a career they really enjoy. Lori also believes in supporting individuals who start their own businesses by being a mentor, and also investing financially with business owners. Lori believes in creating a positive work culture, a culture that thrives on innovation and passion. Lori understands that to attract great talent to a company, that those in leadership roles need to know how to hire the right people for the position.

Lori also believes that friendly workplace competition keeps employees motivated and involved. For example, Lori has held invention competitions which every employee can take part in. These competitions allow for each employee to showcase their knowledge within the company and advertising industry. Lori Senecal continues to be excited everyday for where the agency CP+B is headed. Lori believes with the right mix of talent, and dedication she will be able to make CP+B and its partners giants in the advertising industry for decades to come.

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