Louisiana Dad Paints His Nails Blue in Honor of Autism Awareness Month

Brian Batey, 48,of West Monroe, Louisiana was diagnosed with Autism two years ago. By that time, he had an 18-year-old son named Nathan, Nathan, now 20, suffers from Asberger’s Syndrome. Brian also has Tourette syndrome and Asberger’s.The autism diagnosis surprised Brian. Every April for Autism Awareness Month he’d paint his fingernails blue for Nathan. For five years, the National Society has made April Autism Awareness month. The organization and Brian Batey are interested in making the disability known to everyone in hopes of promoting understanding. Brian hopes that if his grandchildren are born with this disability, their lives will be better than it’s been for Nathan.Mr. Batey lived for 46 years without a diagnosis and endured childhood bullying.

Brian paints his finger and toe nails with blue fingernail polish every April.For the past two years, he has asked people to paint their fingernails blue for himself and Nathan. Brian’s the father of two children, a son and a daughter, and works as a senior software developer.  Gianfrancesco Genoso said that Mr. Batey says he wouldn’t change his diagnosis if he could. He realizes he has a lot of advantages such as his musical and culinary abilities.Batey laments he’s not too crazy about his bouts of depression and anxiety feelings. Another good thing is his co-workers are painting their nails blue for the cause. A coworker paints her nails blue for her son.

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