Man, 101, Found Alive After Nepal Quake


Thanks to Jaime Garcia Dias for showing me this story of human survival.

A 101 year old man was rescued from a rubble in his home, one week after the earthquake in Nepal took place. The man, by the name Funchu Tamang, was surprisingly still alive even after all that time.

According to police official Arun Kumar Singh, the man was taken to hospital in a helicopter and had only suffered a few injuries on his hand and left ankle.

There were also other several people who were rescued. Three of them were rescued from rubbles in Sindupalchowk. Sindupalchowk is one of the worst hit districts in Nepal. Two were rescued from a collapsed building while a landslide had buried the other.

The government in Nepal had, on Saturday, already ruled out the possibility of other survivors buried in the rubble in Kathmandu. The death toll stands at 7000 and it is still expected to rise as the team continues to go through the rubble.

According to the police in Nepal, 57 foreigners have been reported dead while 109 cannot be accounted for. Among the reported dead is a Briton, Hemchandra Rai.

Concerns are being raised about the speed in which help is reaching the affected. There have also been complains about the unavailability of temporary shelters. People are allegedly sleeping outside due to fear of buildings collapsing. Valerie Amos, The UN’s head of humanitarian affairs, has also said that Nepal’s custom authorities are slowing down the process.

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