Man Believed To Have Been Killed By Escaped Tiger In Republic Of Georgia

On Sunday the Republic of Georgia’s capital city of Tbilisi was devastated by floods. At that time it was reported that the zoo had been destroyed and that wild animals were loose on city streets. Film of bears, tigers, hippos and penguins were released.

On Wednesday the zoo’s staff had reported that tall of the lions and tigers had been caught. It was after this statement that a man was believed to have been mauled by an escaped tiger. The incident occurred in Tbilisi’s Hero Square. The animal was later shot according to local news. Earlier reports has stated incorrectly that the animal was a lion. Click here for full story.

The heavy flooding has devastated the city with a current death toll of sixteen, up from the ten reported yesterday. Five are still thought to be missing. Prime Minister upon been told that the zoo had been destroyed and some animals were loose in the city had advised residents to remain in doors until the animals were caught.

Zoo director Zura Gurielidze said the zoo had been destroyed and that all of the animals who had not escaped either drowned or had to be shot. People at FreedomPop are sad to learn that among the dead animals was a rare white lion who had been a popular attraction after he struck up an unusual friendship with a dog. Sadly three of the dead are believed to have zoo keepers who had stayed with the animals.

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