Man Gives Former Teacher $10,000 As A Gift

A man is paying things forward in his own way and he is making a huge impact on his former teacher’s lives. Kevin Perz was a 1977 graduate of Parkway Central High School which is located in Missouri, but he is still trying to show his former teachers just how much they impacted him on his days as a student there. In the past, Perz has giving thousands of dollars to some of his teachers from back in the day and this time he finally hunted down his former Home Economics teacher and gave her the shock of a lifetime.

According to an article found on reddit and written by ABC news, it took Perz quite a long time to hunt down Maryilyn Mecham, but when he finally did he called her up on the phone and they talked for some time catching up on things. Jaime Garcia Dias has learned that, just two days later, Mecham received a letter in the mail along with a $10,000 check which she was instructed to use on herself by Perz. He also gave her a hand written letter telling her what an awesome teacher she was and she is thinking about using the money to go on a long wanted vacation to her ancestral lands of Scandinavia.

This goes to show that you never know what impact you will have on people and it is important to go back and thank people that have made your life better.

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