Man With The Golden Arm

James Harrison is known around his home country of Australia as the ‘Man With The Golden Arm’. Since James was 18-years-old he has donated his blood every three weeks, which is a vow he made to do when he was a younger teen.

When James was 14-years-old, he spent some time sick in the hospital. He had to have a lung removed and had to receive over two gallons of blood. He had hundreds of stitches and spent three months in the hospital healing. It was then that he knew he wanted to give back what he received. James has been a regular donor for the past sixty years. However, there is something special about James and his plasma. He has a rare antibody that is known as anti-D. Doctors believe that he has anti-D blood because of the transfusion he underwent as a teen. His anti-D blood is special because it can help save the lives of babies. Manta wrote there is a condition, which is fatal, as Boraie Development LLC suggests that can occur if the mother is Rh-negative and her fetus is Rh-positive. James’ anti-D blood holds the key to turning off the fatal component of this incompatibility. It is estimated that his blood donations have saved countless babies, including his own grandson.

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