Marketing, Branding And Business Growth: The Work Of Susan McGalla

Marketing and branding are the two components of what sets a business apart from any other business in its niche. The factors that go into marketing and branding encompass the demographic of consumers a business is trying to reach, the advertising means by which they will be reached, and the unique identity that sets the product or service apart from any other in its industry. The marketing side of business is dominated by creative individuals that bring together a vision of what the finished product looks like, the graphical design and logo that represents it, and often a slogan that consumers come to know or think about when they see the product.

While some small businesses combine marketing in with their other operations and make it an all in one function, most large corporations have marketing and PR departments that handle this part of the business. Perhaps the one medium that has been a game changer in the business marketing landscape has been the internet and the means that it affords both small businesses and large corporations to reach out to even larger audiences. With more affordable graphic design tools, video editing software and other creative media solutions, startup businesses have even more of a chance to brand themselves and grow into large enterprises quickly.

When it comes to individuals that take leadership in marketing, Susan McGalla is one of those people and her work in the marketing field of business is becoming widely recognized. Her background is one that has proven that it doesn’t matter what your gender or status quo is, you can succeed if you put your own effort into doing so. All the way from her early age, her parents taught her the virtues of hard work and how she was going to have to earn her way to the top in the world. Susan did just that all the way from completing her education, to her first job with Joseph Home Company. She worked her way from there to the corporate headquarters of American Eagle, where in a few years she became president of the company. She then went from the retail industry into other markets including real estate and healthcare.

McGalla first really took the stage in marketing when she founded P3 Executive Consulting, a marketing firm that gives solutions to businesses looking to grow and evolve their marketing strategies. Among the clients she serves are the NFL’s Pittsburgh Steelers franchise, and as her father was a football coach and her family avid followers of the sport, it stands to reason that she too is pleased to promote the game. She has also spoken at conferences and events in the Pittsburgh area, some of which are aimed at young women entrepreneurs and females getting started in their careers, but also at mixed crowds including the Carnegie Mellon University. Yet even Susan will tell you that even though her accomplishments have broken some of the molds in the workplace, she has never made an issue out of them.

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