Mathew Knowles Has Destiny’s Child Garage Sale In Houston

Mathew Knowles has been doing everything in his power to squeeze another dime out of his time as Destiny’s Child and Beyonce’s manager. Just recently the Sony Hacks revealed that Mathew was pitching Destiny’s Child biopic ideas to Sony and while Sony was deeply considering it the two parties never reached an agreement.

Apparently Mr. Knowles is in need of some fast cash because is having a huge garage sale right outside of his Houston office. Many wonder if some items will show up on Amazon as well. The sudden need for the extra money comes after he ran into so child support issues with one of the mothers of his youngest children. Mathew figures he can sell some old Beyonce posters and tour trinkets for top dollar to raise the child support funds.

Sources say that Beyonce posters are on sale for $200 Beyonce posters are on sale for $200 while Solange CDs are being hawked for under $2. Am interested buyer offered Mathew $145 for the Beyonce poster but Mathew would not budge.

Beyonce and Mathew deny that his being let go had anything to do with him cheating on her mother, however since Beyonce played her father to the left he hasn’t been seen anywhere with the family including Solange’s wedding this summer. If it’s all good with the family why is Mathew going broke when his family is so rich?

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    Beyonce insisted that firing her father was a measure she took to be able to enjoy their family relationship without business getting in the way. It is definitely what some bestessay writers do know about.

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