Meryl Streep Gets Some Grievances Off Her Chest At The Golden Globes

All of Hollywood’s royalty was gathered for the 2017 Golden Globe awards on Sunday night. However, when you get so many a-listers together, anything can happen. Take for instance Meryl Streep. She took the opportunity to spew a bit of venom at the president-elect Donald J. Trump.


When Streep was called to the platform to receive the Cecil B. DeMille Award., she took the time to get personal about her feelings about the new president. She stated that Hollywood was crawling with both outside and foreigners. If they are all asked to leave this country, her fear is there will be nothing left to watch, except for football and mixed martial arts, which doesn’t entertain her.


The crowd applauded her words, but the mood suddenly changed when tears filled her eyes. Streep went on to say how upset she was that someone who wanted the highest office in the land would make fun of a disabled person. She made her feelings for the upcoming president well known. She couldn’t believe what she was seeing or hearing. To her, it was the most inexcusable act possible from a politician of any kind.


As we all know by now, Trump isn’t going to take that lying down. He took to Twitter to hash out all his problems with Streep’s speech. He said that she was a bringing up old stories that the media got wrong in the first place. He further tweeted that the disabled man twisted a story to make him look bad. Because two wrongs always equal a right, right?


Streep has many Golden Globes and Oscar nominations under her belt from her more than 40 years in the business. She has long been called one of the finest actresses of our times. Her reputation proceeds her. Some say her speech was inappropriate while others are praising her for her moxie. She shows that people are upset about the new administration and will continue to push for change.

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