Message on a Kia Soul

23 year old Christine Royles works hard each day as a waitress. After several weeks of feeling sick and not getting any better, Christine finally went to the doctor. Several tests later, she was diagnosed with Lupas and Anca Vasculiti. She was also told both of her kidneys were failing and she would need a transplant.

Christine didn’t let this bad news depress her. She continued to go to work each day and had dialysis each night.

Then she had an idea. She wrote on the back windshield of her Kia Soul. A special plea for a donor, she wrote “Looking for someone 2 donate their kidney. Must have Type O blood. (You only need one kidney.)” What followed was her phone number.

Resume said that it did not take long for her ad and her prayers to be answered. Josh Dall-Leighton, a young father, found out he was a strong match for Christine. He answered the ad and agreed to donate his kidney.

Christine is overwhelmed with gratitude. The surgery will not take place until May. Christine wants to do something to show Josh how much she appreciates his sacrifice. She has organized a pancake breakfast April 12 at the Applebee’s in South Portland. She plans to raise money for Josh and his family. Christine knows Josh will be out of work for almost two months and she wants to make sure he has all he needs to take care of his family.

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