Millennial Favorite Lime Crime Is A Great Brand to Know!

Today’s consumers are known for their forward thinking tastes and awareness of the way their purchases affect the world overall. Lime Crime is at the forefront of today’s trend of consumer brands having a social conscience. Founder Doe Deere started the company when the natural looking making trends of the early 2000s did not fit her aesthetic and love of bright colors. Doe created the company in response to the abundance of neutral colors for makeup choices that she found boring and uninspiring.

In creating her company, Doe ensured that all products be strictly vegan and cruelty-free. This aspect of the company is just one way that the brand stands out from the competition. Social responsibility is a big part of their brand identity and also reflects the social awareness and altruistic nature of its founder. In addition to this social and caring mindset, Lime Crime is also a true innovator in the cosmetics field. Consumers that are searching for bright colors that match their outsize personalities do not need to look any further.

Unicorn Lipsticks are known for their fun colors as well as the sparkling packaging in which they are contained. The Velvetines line is a favorite of those looking to make a statement with their lips, this liquid lipstick is top of the line and a definite fan favorite. The range of Lime Crime eyeshadow shades is unsurprisingly bold and come in fun packs that contain multiple color choices.

Unicorn Hair is one of the easiest ways to have some real beauty fun! These semi-permanent dyes come in a ridiculously awesome rainbow of colors. The dyes are also conditioning and will not damage your hair. Unicorn Hair is of course plant based and is created in a cruelty-free environment. This 100% vegan product is created with glycerin that is vegetable based.

This brand leads the way in today’s market of quality products that are also good for our world and its inhabitants.

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