Mitt Romney Will Fight Evander Holyfield

Former Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney will fight Evander Holyfield in an exhibition boxing match. This is stunning news because Evander Holyfield was once the heavyweight champion of the boxing world. Mitt Romney has absolutely no experience in combat sports. When asked about the exhibition bout, Mitt Romney said that he is unsure of what will happen when he faces Holyfield.

Most people think that Evander Holyfield is going to knock Mitt Romney out in the first round. If Evander Holyfield fights to his true potential, Mitt Romney could be in for the most painful night of his life. Losing the presidential election would be second to Romney in terms of painful life experiences. Evander Holyfield was a great fighter, but let’s hope that he shows some mercy to Mitt Romney inside of the squared circle.

The exhibition fight will be used to generate profits for a charity that both of the men support. The fight will take place on May 15, in Salt Lake City, Utah. Let’s hope that no one is critically injured during this exhibition fight. Mitt Romney is 68 years old, and it is said that Evander Holyfield does not care too much for the Republican senator. My prediction for this fight is that mitt Romney will be knocked unconscious in the first round which will for sure blow up on blogspot.

For more information on this exhibition boxing match, visit Yahoo! Sports.

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