Mr. Ken Griffin Is The CEO Of Citadel

Citadel is one of the biggest investing firms in the entire world. It was founded by Mr. Ken Griffin in 1990. Mr. Griffin founded this wildly successful company with four million dollars and a degree from Harvard University. Ken Griffin earned the money that he founded the company by managing a portfolio of investments while he was in college. Mr. Griffin is a highly innovative entrepreneur. He has been ranked as the 69th most rich person in the entire world with an approximated net worth of seven billion US dollars.

Mr. Ken Griffin has a lot of money and has given much of his wealth to great causes. The Museum of Contemporary Art in Griffin’s resident city of Chicago was the recipient of a ten million dollar donation in the form of cash for the museum to do as they want. Mr. Griffin has given to Harvard University before in the lump sum of $150,000,000 — the most Harvard has ever received at once.

Mr. Griffin is the father of three kids. He is also an attendant and follower of the Fourth Presbyterian Church located in Chicago. Just like Ken has done with a number of other companies and causes, Mr. Griffin has donated nearly $40 million to the church to build a new church for its churchgoers to worship in.

Mr. Ken Griffin is known for founding Citadel in 1990 and growing it to such a blossoming entity, but he has invested in real estate recently. Since he has already conquered the investing market, real estate has sparked Mr. Griffin’s interest. He purchased about five properties in Florida for an average of $30 million per real estate property.

Mr. Ken Griffin is known investor of art pieces of all types. He loves art and has also donated to a few art institutions that are in Chicago and surrounding areas. The Chicago Symphony Orchestra, the Art Institute of Chicago, and the Museum of Contemporary Art, which are all located in the heart of Chicago. He actually gave about ten million dollars to the Museum of Contemporary Art earlier this year just because he thought they would make great use of it.

Another real estate location that Mr. Ken Griffin has invested in is a large residential tower in Manhattan. It is a large number of luxury condos that are expensive for renters to secure the rights to. It is going to be built very soon, as the plans are under works right now.

Citadel is one of the largest investment firms in the entire world and manages more than twenty-five billion dollars worth of assets. This is an extremely large portfolio and is difficult to manage for most people. Mr. Griffin is a very keen investor and knows exactly what to do with the portfolio. Citadel is about to be made public which means that stock can be purchased on stock exchanges. Citadel is pretty much guaranteed to succeed because Mr. Ken Griffin is at the helm of the company.

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