My Dog’s Love Beneful!

I have two dogs and they absolutely love dinner time at our house. For dinner time, they get a mix of Beneful on dry food with Beneful wet food. I have two small pups, a Rat terrier and a Boston terrier. Since they are smaller breed dogs, they enjoy the IncrediBites dog food that Beneful offers. This dry dog food on has mini crunchy bites that are the perfect size for their drooling mouths. I mix their IncrediBites dry food with a small portion of wet food. I use Beneful’s we dog food. These meals have the same great ingredients as the dry food and add a different texture to my dogs’ dinner. I mix up the flavors of wet food that I use with the dry. Some nights, my pups get to enjoy the beef, while other nights they get chicken, or pork, or even lamb. I take advantage of the variety that Beneful offers. There are the Prepared Meals, the Chopped Meals, the Beneful Medleys, and the Hearty Roasters. By using the trusted brand of Beneful, my dogs have no complaints with dinner time.

I trust the Beneful brand since it provides my dogs with real ingredients, like real meal and yummy vegetables. Their dog food provides my four-legged family members with twenty-three essential vitamins and minerals to help keep them healthy by providing the antioxidants and the omega-rich ingredients that they need. Their food consists of real meat along with carrots, rice, green beans, peas, and barley – actual ingredients that you can see. It is nice to know what you are feeding your loved ones; that means your pets too.

When it is not dinner time, my dogs enjoy the Beneful treats as well. My pups enjoy every type of treat that Beneful offers. My Boston terrier loves the Baked Delights Quacks dog snacks. They are small crackers in the shape of a duck. This treat is flavored with hickory smoke and cheese. My Rat terrier, on the other hand, cannot get enough of the Baked Delights Snackers. These little treats on are shaped like vegetables and fruits. Each of them, like the apples and the peas, has a crunchy cookie-like crunch with a soft and chewy filling. My pups cannot get enough! One of the most recent treats that my dogs have enjoyed is the Beneful Healthy Smile bones. These bones freshen up my dogs’ breath and helps fights plaque and tartar from building up. The bones are designed with special ridges to get to the hard to reach spots. They love this bone and I love knowing they are taking care of their teeth and breathe!

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