Neurocore Uses Biofeedback Techniques to Improve Athletic Performance

Release Fact recently published Brian Harris’ article “Neurocore Brain Training Centers Takes It to The Next Level”. The article describes the brain training center’s core focus on helping the brain focus and perform better.

The article suggests that the brain can perform at a higher level when it is focused on one thing without the influence of other distractions. Often, it can be the difference between a mediocre performance and a great one. Even professional athletes are beginning to incorporate brain training into their physical training. For example, basketball players require muscle memory to go through the specific tasks repeatedly to ensure that their muscles recall the skill of shooting hoops. Visit to know more about Neurocore.

The brain acts similarly and requires repetition in a relaxed state to perform at enhanced levels. Athletes will often call this “getting in the zone” which uses a trigger to signal the brain to reach an enhanced state and allow muscle memory to ensure success.

Neurocore Brain Performance Centers suggests that the brain needs time to recover, just like any muscle. It needs sleep but also training to help the brain get into the best frequency to focus. Throughout games and stressful situations, athletes’ brains will have higher frequencies. Yet, to perform at their best, athletes need to allow their brains to recover and rest. See more information at Linkedin about Neurocore.

Neurocore focuses on helping the brain become optimized, using neuroscience based training to strengthen the brain while helping the respiratory and endocrine systems function at higher levels as well. They use biofeedback techniques by monitoring the brain waves of athletes as they watch a video. As the players watch the video, their mind controls how the video plays. When they breathe and focus on the content of the movie, the video continues to play. Yet, if they become distracted, creating a jump in the electrical impulses, the video will stop. The player is required to focus again before the movie will restart.

In a single session, the brain training technique will help the athlete refocus more than 2,000 ties. This helps the brain and the body get in sync to help both recover faster.


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