Nick Vertucci Helps Aspiring Realtors To Become Successful

His background is very different from most successful realtors. He lived with a single mother for many years, and her long hours limited the amount of contact that he had with her. Nick Vertucci left the house at eighteen years old, and he lived in extremely challenging circumstances after moving out.

What Was His First Business?

He began his career as a self-employed computer salesman. He was able to escape his dire circumstances and support a family with this career. His computer store did well until the dot com crash, but this crash ruined his electronics business. Nick Vertucci sank into debt. His family nearly lost their home, and they lost a lot of important and valuable belongings.

What Brought Him To The Real Estate Business?

Nick Vertucci scrambled to find a way to make ends meet, and one of his friends suggested that he attend a real estate conference with him. He took him up on the offer. While he was there, it was often challenging for him to understand the things that were being discussed. However, it was clear that you can become very wealthy from a career in real estate. He immediately began studying to become a realtor on after he returned home, and his efforts paid off.

His Academy:

After he became a millionaire in real estate, he had a strong desire to teach people how to succeed as a realtor. He did this by founding the Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy.

The Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy is a large business, and many instructors work for him. Students of the academy have been satisfied with the quality of the classes, and there are many positive reviews of the academy. If you’re interested in learning from Vertucci, it’s possible to go to one of his workshops for free.

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