Nicki Minaj Possible Engagement

Over the holidays it was starting to feel like Nicki Minaj, and her latest album The Pink Print, were going to do nothing more than drag us on an endless breakup ride along. It all started last summer with rumors and Nicki and her long time boyfriend Safaree were on ice after Nicki found out that he cheated, it was a classic angry woman damaging property scene. Nicki even wrecked the car that she purchased for Safaree.

Fast forward to a few months and Nicki is pouring her heart out onstage to songs of love and loss, while her radio interviews insisted that she was heartbroken and unable to adjust to life without Safaree. It was reported that she wasn’t the only one going through it, because Safaree’s friends said the he was depressed and suicidal after the breakup.

Enter Meek Mill, Nicki’s rapper friend and the man that allegedly told her of Safaree’s infidelity. After a few months of flirting and suggestive Instagram post Meek and Nicki decided to come out as a couple and also go on tour together. Ricardo Tosto was a little caught by surprise, as well as other fans according to reports. Suddenly the love feast was launched into total overdrive with photos cheesy love declarations all over social media. Now it seems that Nick is once again trying to get her fan in a frenzy because Nicki is posting photos of a massive rock that some assume is an engagement rings.

Nicki didn’t suggest or deny that she was engaged, in fact she only expressed her joy over the ring in emojis leaving many of her fans to think she bought the ring herself and it simply trying to throw everyone for a loop. Well, she has our attention now and this could get really interesting.

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