North American Spine’s Revolutionary New Spinal Treatment Coming to the Las Vegas Area

On October 22, 2015, North American Spine announced through PR Newswire that they would be expanding their services to Las Vegas through a partnership with Dr. Satish Sharma. North American Spine is the exclusive provider of a revolutionary, less-traumatic treatment for chronic back pain called the AccuraScope Procedure. Their highly-trained physicians use tiny incisions and a thin endoscope with a camera and laser to diagnose and treat problem areas along the spine, allowing relief of back pain in a minimally invasive way. The procedure takes less than 45 minutes and has an 82% success rate. More than 8000 procedures have been performed to date, saving each patient an average of $23,190 in the 5 years following treatment by reducing the need for other medical interventions.

Only spinal experts with specialty training in orthopedic spine surgery, neurosurgery, or pain management interventions are certified to perform the AccuraScope procedure. The new partnership between North American Spine and Dr. Sharma will make the AccuraScope Procedure available to patients at the Red Rock Surgery Center in Las Vegas, with post-op consultation available at the Advanced Pain Management Center. Dr. Sharma is a highly qualified Anesthesiology and Pain Management physician who started at the Advanced Pain Management Center in 2006 after several years of practice. Originally from Rajasthan, India, he completed residency at Western Pennsylvania Hospital in Pittsburgh, and a fellowship on pain management at Allegheny General Hospital. A diplomat of the American Board of Anesthesiology, he is well- qualified to begin offering management plans for those who suffer chronic back pain due to a myriad of disorders or complications. In a statement to the press, originally released by PRNewswire, he stated, “Our goal is to provide a modern approach to pain management in a comfortable setting. We want to work with patients to help control pain and regain control of their life.”

Considering how they’ve worked to improve the local Dallas community, by holding several events to help out the children, it’s exciting to see what they can bring to another major city.

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