NYPD Officers Given Support from Keith Mann

The founder of Dynamics Search Partners, which provides staffing solutions for hedge fund investment companies, has shown his support for the embattled New York Police Department, according to CBS 8. Keith Mann and his wife Keely have responded to the ongoing demonstrations felt throughout the Big Apple about a number of incidents involving police officers and violent individuals. Keely Mann has a personal stake in showing her support for the NYPD as her uncle works as a detective in Staten Island, a personal involvement that spurred the couple to provide a free lunch for the members of the 54th Precinct on two occasions in recent months.

Keith Mann sees himself as one of the silent majority of New Yorkers and US citizens as a whole who are fully supportive of police departments and law enforcement as a whole across the country. In response to recent violent protests about the alleged mistreatment of individuals by the NYPD, a number of peaceful protests have been held to highlight the support many in New York have fort heir police department. The founder and CEO of Dynamics Search Partners decided to act instead of simply make a donation to any police fund to highlight his strong feeling on the subject of supporting the police. Making his first lunch donation in early January 2015, Mann repeated the gesture in early February as he was determined to make a point about his support of the New York Police Department.

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