Occidental College President Jonathan Veitch is a Visionary Leader

Jonathan Veitch, president of Occidental College since 2009, is a multifaceted man. Veitch is a scholar, a family man, and a visionary leader who is working to improve Oxy’s reputation and boost its involvement with the community.

An LA native, Veitch studied at Stanford and Harvard and ultimately received a doctorate in American History. Prior to his tenure at Occidental, he served as a Professor at the University of Wisconsin and a dean at Eugene Lang College. As a scholar, Veitch is known for his tome American Superrealism: Nathanael West and the Politics of Representation in the 1930s.

In addition to being an academic, Veitch is an active family man. He and his wife, Sarah, have three children. The family lives on the Occidental campus. In an interview with Eagle Rock Patch, Veitch remarked how “the kids treat [the campus] as their backyard, which is nice.” In addition to the college backyard, Veitch enjoys exposing his children to the broader backyard of Los Angeles, where he himself grew up.

Scholar and family man may be a big part of his identity, but it is his visionary leadership at Occidental that is getting the most attention these days. Since taking the helm, Veitch has made significant strides towards making Occidental thrive. From a long-term development plan to environmental efforts to major community involvement initiatives, it’s clear that Veitch is committed to driving positive change. His visionary leadership is connecting other leaders, students, and community members in a dynamic push towards synergistic connection. As he works to improve the College in a variety of ways, it always remains clear that Veitch is first and foremost concerned with the real human lives he is touching. It is this passion and compassion that make him a truly visionary leader and someone fully capable of making Occidental College a truly great academic institution.

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