Oldest man to run length of the United States


When you are 91 what do you picture yourself doing? I bet it’s nothing along the lines of what Ernie Andrus is doing. This 91 year old veteran is running the length of the US. Why would a man of his age want to run across the country? Well during the second World War, Ernie served on the LST 325.

This ship was used as a landing ship for troops and equipment. The LST 325 was designed to be able to approach beaches to let troops off in areas that had not yet developed a harbor. This made the ship vital in many situations. The Ernie Andrus run is in hope to raise money and awareness for the ship. He is hoping to raise enough money to restore the ship to its former glory. It is the last remaining LST that is used for its original purpose.

This ran began back in 2013 and he hopes to be done in between 2-4 years said Jaime Garcia Dias. Yes that seems like a long time. However due to his ages, it is understandable. Ernie is pacing his self to only running 3 or so days a week and about a marathon a week. He is almost 2 years in and still going strong. He is half way through his journey and is currently in Texas. There are several websites to help track his progress as well as help donate to the cause.

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