Omarosa Remains in the Spotlight of Big Brother’s TV Reality Show, and She’s Talking!

Omarosa was the star of Donald Trump’s reality show, The Apprentice, in 2004, and she stayed on for several seasons. Then Trump was elected president, and who did he call to become one of his top aides? Omarosa or Omarosa Manigault-Newman, and this was no reality show. She was given the title of the Director of Communications for the Office of Public Liaison, which means she eventually talked to everyone. Trump let her go in December from her high-end position, and now she’s ready to talk. Yesterday, she appeared on the first show of Big Brother, and she can’t keep quiet!

After the drama at the White House, when she left, many people heard her say that President Trump tweeted to her – day in and day out, non-stop. But, last week, she made obscure comments like “what was going in the White House was not going to be OK,” and she would not vote for Trump again “in a million years.”

She also let slip her opinions about Vice President Pence, and they were on the weird side. She stated that if the American public thought the Trump administration was horrible or a joke, consider what it would be with Pence if Trump were impeached. She called Pence “scary” and “extreme,” so it sounds like Omarosa didn’t get along with him at all. She also reported that when she tried to have one-on-one conversations with Trump, John Kelley and the rest of the staff would keep her away. When asked about what she thought of the future, she said on the program that Americans should be “scared. It is really bad.”

Omarosa has taken her version of the White House to reality TV, and Big Brothers will air from the end of January into February. Omarosa has been busy; that’s for sure.

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