One Could See If It Were Something Too La…

When traveling, one must be careful not to break the law as he passes through any of the state of Georgia. As Alexei Beltyukov understands it, that is what Madison Turner did as he drove through town after stopping at Atlanta’s Mickey Dee. Had he known he was going to break the law, he could have spent a few minutes parked before going onto the highway. Georgia’s distracted-driving law is real and this state takes it serious.

From Alabama, Turner was shocked when he got pulled over for what seemed to be a petty cause. The policeman wrote Turner a ticket for violation of eating while driving. The driver had his quarter pounder in one hand eating, while driving with the other hand. This is unacceptable on Atlanta highways.  The ordeal made local news, and many people became aware of this law.

On February 3rd, Madison Turner will be in court over this ticket. One could see if it were something too large to handle while driving, how he could be ticketed for such actions, but a sandwich? How many others pull out from that same McDonald’s restaurant, eating their hot foods while driving? How many in the state are getting fines over doing what he did?

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