Shervin Pishevar and the Emerging Potential in Digital Currency As Highlighted in 21-Hour Twitter Engagement

Shervin Pishevar is the founder of Sherpa Capital but resigned after he was alleged to have been involved in various sexual harassments, which included even rape cases. However, that seems to be behind him when he engaged his twitter followers with a 21-hour Twitter rant where he was expressing his feelings towards various government policies and what he thinks the future economy will look like. The financial investor seemed to take a huge interest while at the same time expressing positive energy in the upcoming digital currency adoption in the world.

Cryptocurrency involves the use of digital currencies such as Bitcoin to transact of the web. This newfound methods of exchanging goods and services see owners of bitcoin or other digital currencies purchase services to people in different parts of the world through blockchain technology. Although Shervin Pishevar views digital currency as the future in a boundaries economy, he is concerned due to the volatility of the digital currency, especially the trends that have been portrayed in recent times.

Shervin Pishevar tweeted that bitcoin will continue to depreciate up to a point where it will stabilize for around 2k. This acts as a precautionary measure to the people who want to invest in bitcoin or those holding the digital currency in the view that it will appreciate hence helping them to increase their profits. However, despite the volatility facing the digital currency, Shervin Pishevar notes that its adoption will continue to increase and its time that government and other policymakers embrace the new technology by developing rules and regulations to govern the use of digital currency.

One of the main benefits of using digital currency is that it is more secure than other currencies used around the world. Shervin Pishevar is more concerned about the security of transactions that people have when they are conducting various transactions. Moreover, the use of digital currency has the potential of investing in real estate to be an easy undertaking as real estate owners can tokenize their properties. This will help investors with a limited amount of money to own a proportion of a property, which is a similar innovation used in the stock market.

How Stream Energy Takes Action Within the Community in Times of Need

Stream Energy is known for the many services it provides to its customers, which includes not only services for energy, but also for wireless connections and protective home services. This leader in the energy field was recently the topic of an online article that featured its new philanthropic foundation. Known as Steam Cares, this foundation recently stepped up to help victims after Hurricane Harvey created a path of destruction that left many people homeless in the Dallas area.

When Hurricane Harvey hit the southwestern region of the United States it not only delivered 56 inches of rain, it also created devastating effects that destroyed homes as well as people’s lives. The active role Stream Energy took in helping these individuals rebuild their lives is in keeping with the company’s philosophy on philanthropy. As a company that has been contributing to charitable efforts for more than 10 years, it came as no surprise to see them launch their own caring foundation. The new Steam Cares foundation simply formalizes the company’s process of helping.

The process of creating a separate foundation specifically for the purpose of aiding charitable efforts, is something that is relatively new to the corporate world. As the leaders at Stream Energy have seen with the community involvement after the fatal blow struck by Hurricane Harvey, this type of foundation has many benefits. Not only does it allow a company to give back to their community, it also helps them gain the respect of the general public, which could lead to the acquisition of new customers.

The help Stream Energy provided to the community of Dallas after Hurricane Harvey, is just one of a long line of charitable efforts put forth by this company. Stream is currently partnered with Habitat for Humanity and the Red Cross, where it helps stimulate action for giving at the local level. This company also takes action against homelessness in the Dallas area by partnering with an organization known as Hope Supply Co. With a 24 percent increase in the city’s homeless population, Hope Supply helps provide clothing, diapers and school supplies to homeless children.

Dr. Mark McKenna: Creating a New Type of Medical Brand

While Dr. Mark McKenna does have a thriving medical practice and business, things have not always been this way for him. He has pulled himself through some very tough times to get to where he is today. His current company, OVME, is a crowning achievement after a lifetime of struggle. When Dr. Mark McKenna graduated from Tulane medical school his desire was to become a gifted practitioner, but he also wanted to dabble in the business world. He saw a future in the real estate market and fell in love with the concept. He started his own company which eventually succumbed to a hurricane, but the lessons were learned.

Fast forwarding to today you would never know that Dr. Mark McKenna had pushed through such difficult adversity. While it is true that he is a doctor, he was one of the people who had been displaced by the ravages of Hurricane Katrina. Two of pulled himself up out of this devastation is truly remarkable. Now, with OVME he is pushing the boundaries of medicine once more. Instead of devoting himself completely to one type of business idea he has found a way to successfully integrate his two passions.

“A Glimpse into What Drives Atlanta Entrepreneur Dr. Mark McKenna” gives the reader a look into what pushes the doctor as he helps grow his aesthetics company today. OVME is not simply a medical company that helps individuals connect with doctors for elective procedures it is also an institution aimed at reducing the clinical nature of healthcare as a whole. It is hopeful that the business practices that Dr. Mark McKenna fosters will move into other sections of healthcare from a business perspective. No matter what industry someone is in when you add in the human component it is impossible for it to be completely clinical. Dr. Mark McKenna helps bring back some of the hard that should be in these businesses today. In addition, the hard work he also credits the exterior support that he receives from his family and his friends. He would not be able to engage in his work without their lasting support.

GreenSky Credit-A Valuable Financial Technology Lender

GreenSky LLC (formerly called GreenSky Trade Credit, LLC) was founded in 2006 as a financial technology organization based in Atlanta. It offers technology services to merchants and banks for making loans to customers. The loans could be for healthcare, home improvement, and solar purposes. GreenSky credit program gets its funding from state-chartered, federal, and federally-insured financial companies. GreenSky credit program has lent about $5 billion from 2012 to 2016.

How does the company operate?

GreenSky company exists among fintech companies such as Lending Club Corporation since it doesn’t spend its capital on loaning processes. The company makes loans available through its GreenSky mobile app to its merchant customers ranging from retailers to self-contractors who deal with items like furniture as well as advancing home services such as window replacement and roofing. GreenSky Credit firm offers other services such as elective medical procedures and the use of credit cards to cater for the enormous projects from its customers. It provides loans to its customers at a fixed period and a fixed interest rate which has contributed to its business expansion.

Capitalization and valuation

The organization was started in 2006. In 2016, the company generated a capital of $50 million and established a lending plan of $2 billion with Cincinnati’s Fifth Third Bancorp. The move led to GreenSky being rated at $3.6 billion, an improvement in its valuation since its 2014 $300 million fund-raising round. The earlier rounds included investors like QED Investors, TPG, Iciniq Capital, Wellington Management, and DST Global.

The valuation of GreenSky Credit in 2016 groups it among the most valued privately owned startups in financial technology. In 2018, the company set its IPO stipulations to 34.09 million stocks at $21-$23.

Employment and management

Currently, the firm has employed at least 1000 staff. The main representatives include;

  • David Zalik- co-founder and CEO since 2006
  • Tim Kaliban- Chief Risk Officer and president
  • Gerry Benjamin- Vice Chairman

An overview of David Zalik

Mr. David Zalik serves as the CEO and Co-Founder of GreenSky, LLC. He is also the Chairperson of the Board of Directors. Mr. Zalik has also co-founded other organizations like Phoenix, LLC, The Rockbridge Commercial Bank, and The Resource Institute. At RockBridge Commercial Bank, David Zalik was a Director. He worked in the Board of Directors on the Marcus Community Center, Hands on Atlanta, and the Jewish Federation of Greater Atlanta.

Mr. David Zalik is a qualifier for 2016 Entrepreneur of the Year. Other awards he won include;

  • 2000- Abe Schwartz Young Leadership Award
  • 2003- Catalyst Year’s Entrepreneur Award

HCR Wealth Advisors Helping People Manage Their Finances Properly

Planning your finance can be really complicated, especially if you are from a completely different profession and have no clue about how the financial world works. Many people across the globe struggle with their finances, not because they don’t earn enough, or they don’t have money, but because they don’t know how to manage their finances. It is necessary that people save their money and invest on a regular basis. There are tons of companies as well as finance professionals out there who claim that they can make your life free of financial worries, but can you trust these financial planners? You should always make sure that the financial planner you hire is registered and has been in the business for a while.

HCR Wealth is a firm that hundreds of people, as well as organizations, in the United States, trust with their financial affairs and investments. The company has nearly three decades of experience in the financial planning sector. It is probably for this reason that most of its clients choose and stay with the firm and many of its existing clients have been using the company’s services for over ten years. HCR Wealth Advisors (@hcrwealth) has developed an effective, personalized approach when it comes to financial planning and starts their investment and financial planning from scratch for each of its clients. It is because the company firmly believes that what works for one client will be different than what works for other clients.

It is necessary that proper research and analysis is utilized to determine what the client is actually looking for before designing the financial and investment strategy for the client. HCR Wealth Advisors have a team of experienced financial advisors who work closely with the clients to help them achieve their financial goals without any hiccups. One has to make sure that they are picking the right investment plans for themselves so that they do not lose their money in unproductive investments.


HCR Wealth Advisors is not affiliated with this website.

Barbara Stokes – Businesswoman, Entrepreneur, and Leader

Barbara Stokes is regarded as one of the most experienced, tested, and proven leaders when it comes to matters concerning disaster relief. For quite some time, Ms Stokes has exemplified proven leadership in Disaster Relief Construction to Green Structure Housing (GSH) of Alabama.

No place or country is immune from disasters. Across Alabama for instance, when such happens, and people get to lose their homes, GSH headed by Barbara Stokes steps in to help in the construction of all sizes of modular homes coupled with developing temporary home designs that meet some federal guidelines regarding safety, quality materials, safe construction, and accessibility. Learn more about Barbara Stokes at Crunchbase.

Barbara Stokes graduated from Mercer University having studied Physics and Biomedical Engineering. She also took courses in Technical Communications, Manufacturing, and Management, Thermodynamics, Properties and Structures of Materials at the same university.

Recently, The Huntsville Patch recognized the amazing contribution that Barbara Stokes and her firm have played on matters to do with disaster relief initiatives. For instance, when Hurricane Harvey hit more than seven states resulting in more than $125 billion in need of relief, the federal government turned to GSH to assist in the rebuilding process across several communities. Follow Barbara Stokes on

GSH is a firm that has managed to stamp its authority as one of the most efficient and most reliable home constructors during disasters. This firm is headed by Barbara Stokes and has been able to build and subsequently distribute a significant number of FEMA-constructed mobile houses. GSH is a firm established with the mission of providing relief assistance to both the private and the public sector.

When disasters strike especially across Alabama, and people get to lose their homes, the government and a lot of people turn to Barbara Stokes and her GSH firm with the hope of getting temporary shelter as full reconstruction commences. GSH’s homes are known for efficient construction and quality usage of materials that allows individuals to carry on with their normal lives.

As of Today, Barbara Stokes is serving as the role model for a significant number of women in the entrepreneurial field and the workplace too. In addition, she plays an active volunteer across Hunstville.




Netpicks is a company that was founded in 1996 by Mark Soberman, focusing on trading training and education. Since its foundation, Netpicks has made it its business to provide information about strategies in trading to the people who are looking to improve their skills in trading or for people who intend to know how to trade from a beginner level. The company guides the people through their journey of becoming skilled traders and as a result generate profits consistently for them. Netpicks mainly deals with people who are trading on the forex platform, also, informing other people about stocks, signals, future, options and ETFs in swing and day trading. Netpicks personalizes each client’s needs whereby they train them on how to invest and enhance their earnings by the use of tutorials, videos, blog entries and also customized plans that suit each trader’s needs and desires.

Netpicks focuses more on the real world requirements of investors and use this information to train and educate the trader accordingly in a simple and easy to learn design. Netpicks ensures that all the people are accounted for by the use of videos. This means that a trader can learn and start trading almost immediately. The requirements of the user change the concept of the video for each person’s needs to be met, learn more on

Recently, Netpicks blogged about having an optimistic mind-set when one wants to start trading as this is a significant determinant of the success rate of the trader’s investment, check ( They say that failure is part of doing business and it’s bound to happen to anyone,  how the affected reacts after such an event determines whether their future endeavors will be a success or not. This can only be achieved by a set-out plan that also includes an exit strategy should such an event occur. If the trader follows these steps, they’ll be able to come from the drawback strong and ready to take on something else. Usually, Netpicks advises the traders to seek a positive outcome instead of expecting to win. Traders, therefore, should expect to lose a given amount of time but it should fall below the predetermined exit price, thus allowing them to continue trading even after experiencing a loss.

Jim Toner: Do These Things

Jim Toner is a successful entrepreneur with more than 28 years of experience in real estate investment. It’s a career he purposefully ventured into after crunching the numbers of his multiple jobs and realizing that he could never provide for his family all that he wanted at that rate. He studied the ‘real estate investment with no money down’ courses for several months and then he made his first deal. Then he closed another and then another and another. Several years in, he started to share his methodology and strategies with his family and friends. They soon suggested that he offer conference seminars where more people could attend.

Though he would continue the path of success, he did encounter some harsh adversity thereafter, as well. But he and his family pulled through it and exited the ordeal as refined gold. Jim Toner shares with us some of the keys that serve as the foundation for his and his family’s success.

He advises us to rise early, spend some time simply in thought and then expend physical energy. These three activities alone help him to keep his mind and body positioned to exert more and new energy. Jim also reveals that he guides his daily accomplishments from an angle of an overall understood direction (as developed during his quiet, early morn, thinking session) but allowing for the day’s happenings to also carry him productively through it. Another of his tips for a lifetime of success is reading regularly. This permits you to acquire knowledge and perspectives that may differ from your present paradigm in a positive way. Likewise, reading gives you something new to discuss with others as you build and solidify relationships. Jim Toner suggests we read Victor Frankl’s book “Man’s Search For Meaning.”

Real estate entrepreneur Jim Toner teaches that of utmost importance, particularly in regards to financial success, is that we must maintain a healthy and positive attitude. This is the true mark of an entrepreneur and all who dare to meet life head on and thrive right through it. This us an aspect of the resilience factor. Though it helps to have a team, your personal level of undaunted determination will even impact their willingness and enthusiasm.

Finally, Jim Toner (@thejimtoner) counsels us to lead lives of disciplined freedom. With purposeful living as demonstrated through time management and smart goal setting, we empower ourselves to live fully. We must work for ourselves and master sales. Consult with those who know more than you on the topic and emulate what these successful people are doing. He also acknowledges that these keys to success remain the same across generations and through millinea. Our surroundings and tools will change but our fundamental response as human beings remains the same. That response encompasses integrity, bravery, diligence and kindness. The formula doesn’t change. And while you’re at it, buy yourself some real estate. It’s the cornerstone of building family wealth. Here’s an interesting vimeo documentary featuring Jim Toner.

Learn more about Jim Toner:


Arjun Kapur-A young man with a dream. This brilliant young man, upon graduating from The Stanford Graduate School of Business in 2011 went on to start GoBuyside, and since then he had never looked back.

Your company can be like Arjun Kapur’s, a company that is forward moving and that never looks back. But how can you do that? By going online to the company Mr. Kaput started: GoBuyside. Read more at Wayup about GoBuyside.

There, you can learn about the life of this remarkable young man and how he has helped and continues to help many companies around the world maintain their corporate edge by learning how to hire top corporate talent.

GoBuyside is a global investment recruitment firm, that in just 7 years has gained phenomenal success in the Business World. If this trend continues, one can only imagine what the next seven years will bring, which will be nothing short of good.

And once you’ve become a registered member if this trusted website, you will get to meet some of the brightest financial minds in the business, in the business of private equity hedge funds and investments.


Perhaps you may questions about how top corporate professionals are chosen and what GoBuyside looks for in the way of top talent, there’s nothing to worry about, GoBuyside has its staff online to address all your investment-related questions.

Yes, Arjun Kapur had a dream of financial success and he was able to see the reality of his dream come true, and the same can happen for your business, of course with Mr. Kapur’s assistance.

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So come online and become a registered member of GoBuyside, the firm that will make your company great. Read this article at Accesswire.

Clay Hutson’s Resume Explains His Success

Clay Hutson is a graduate of Central Michigan University. He obtained a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Theater Design and Technical Production. Clay later pursued a Master’s degree in business from the University of Michigan’s Stephen M Ross School of Business.


Hutson has spent time with some very important organizations throughout his career. He served as the stage manager for Kanye West. Clay was also the production manager for Prince and Jennifer Nettles. He worked for Billy Graham’s traveling production before eventually settling into the genre of Rock and Roll. Clay’s Rock and Roll credentials include work with Guns N Roses, Pink and Kid Rock. Learn more:


Clay Hutson has an extensive amount of experience in the entertainment industry. He was working for a company that fell on hard times and decided to start his own business. Clay is very organized and regimented in his approach. He likes to plan his day thoroughly down to the finest detail. This allows him to present a solid structure to his crew when it is time to begin work. Clay believes that his personal productiveness will directly impact his team’s ability to accomplish the mission that he has set forth.


Clay Hutson makes sure that he remains aware of the technological advances that come along on a regular basis. The entertainment industry is constantly evolving. There are revolutionary concepts that enter the playing field at a moment’s notice. Hutson understands that a person who becomes set in their ways will be left behind in the blink of an eye.


Clay Hutson likes to stay ahead of himself. It is the foundation of his effectiveness. He takes every aspect of his day very seriously. Even the most mundane personal tasks are scheduled to ensure that they are not overlooked. Hutson’s priorities have changed to reflect his maturity in life. Family must always come first. This allows him to be honest with himself.


Clay Hutson enjoys working with talented people who are great at their job. He does not believe that it is necessary for everyone on his team to pretend to like him. It is more important to be invested in the work. Clay has little use for someone who is willing to finesse their way into a job with personality as opposed to commanding respect with their expertise.