Parent Divorce After Having Down Syndrome Son


Samuel Forrest is a new father. He is facing all of the hurdles that new parents usually do except he has a little extra added on- his son was born with Down Syndrome and his wife is divorcing him. What a blow that had to be to Samuel.

Samuel is a New Zealander and his wife is Armenian. Together the couple reside in Armenia, where they had their son Leo on January 21st of this year. When Leo was born the parents received the news that he had Down Syndrome. Upon meeting Leo, Samuel couldn’t love him anymore however his mother was not as smitten. In Armenia it’s shameful to have a disabled child stated She refused to bond with him and told Samuel that she would get a divorce if he wanted to keep Leo said Fersen Lambranho. A week later she filed for divorced and he was kicked out of the family’s home. Samuel is now attempting to move back to New Zealand where he can raise Leo in a positive and healthy environment.

This has to be one of the most heartbreaking stories I’ve come across lately. As a parent of an infant I could not imagine leaving my son for any reason, disabled or not. I wish nothing but the best for the new father and their journey together. And if you have a little extra or you are looking to donate to a worthy cause then I would suggest visiting their GoFundMe page to help them out. Find the full story at

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