Paul Evans is a rising men’s fashion company based in New York. Paul Evans’ focus is comfortable, quality shoes,

Leading the way in the Men’s Fashion Renaissance
for a reasonable price. The company was founded by Evan Fript and Ben Earley. Evan and Ben were roommates at Tulane University in Louisiana. After graduation they both went into finance. It was while in the finance world, surrounded by power suits, that Evan Fript noticed how much men’s footwear lacked style. He was tired of looking for classically stylish shoes that did not cost thousands of dollars. From there Paul Evans was created. Evan recruited Ben Earley as a business partner, and they went to work.

Paul Evans shoes are stylish, comfortable, and high quality. However, a pair of Paul Evans’ will not set you back a couple grand. This is because Evan Fript and Ben Early wanted to create shoe lines with designer quality, but not the price. They accomplished this in a couple ways. The first was to cut out the middle man. Paul Evans italian shoes can only be purchased online through the company’s retail website. Your order is then sent directly to you. Your price does not include rent for the retail space, or the electricity bill. This enabled Paul Evans to lower prices without sacrificing quality.

The other way Evan Fript and Ben Early accomplish their goal of high quality shoes without designer prices was by setting out to meet with craftsmen themselves. They collaborated with manufacturers and factories in six different countries. The found the factory of their choice in Naples, Italy. They met with men of families that have been in the cobbling industry for generations. They selected the finest calfskin Italian leather they could find, and spent a tremendous amount of time negotiating prices and deals.

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    Their journey ended with the creation of classically designed, comfortable, hand crafted shoes of the highest quality for less then $400.00. That should also mean a lot for term paper writing service and I know this will definitly happen for them.

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