Philip Diehl Opens Up About His Leadership In U.S Money Reserves And The Gold Coin Market And Ownership.

Philip Diehl is the current president of the U.S. Money Reserve. The U.S Money Reserve is a privately owned firm. It has been given a contract by the U.S Government to distribute gold, silver and platinum coins that are government sponsored. At the it basks in the glory of being among the biggest distributors of government sponsored coins made of precious metals.

From time to time, Philip Diehl had a recent radio interview to talk about various matters especially those concerning business and economics. Philip Diehl is considered by most American media houses as a respectable analyst due to his successful business management career.

Before he rose to be on top of the business ranks, he worked as a civil servant in various government departments. He started climbing the ladder to the top at the U.S. Department of the Treasury as the chief of staff. He later became the staff director of the U.S. Senate Finance Committee. As he worked in the Executive Branch and on Capitol Hill, Diehl was able to get a lot of experience in the staff management and motivation. He also learnt how to work with fiscal and monetary policies to increase profits. This set of skills has helped him greatly in his current position.
He was later nominated and appointed by President Bill Clinton to work as the Director of U.S Mint. He held this position till he was elected president of U.S Money Reserve. He was giving this account on Enterprise Radio, during a show hosted by Eric Dye. He was tackling discussion about how his leadership background helped him get the role of President of U.S. Money Reserve.

According to ePodcast, Eric Dye continued with the discussion and moved on to ask Diehl how he viewed his effectiveness as a leader at U.S. Money Reserve and what fascinated him more about the job. Philip Diehl went on to talk about how he played a vital role in the creation of the first-ever U.S. government-issued platinum coin. He also talked about his experiences at his current job and his former job at U.S Mint as the Director.
When Philip Diehl joined U.S Mint as a Director, he was able to do a lot of notable changes to the organization. He started with improving its customer service department to a level that it was ranked second on the Customer Satisfaction Index. At the U.S Money Reserve, he is also the meter of his craft. He introduced 50 States Quarter program, which is the most successful coin program ever in the United States. His Sacagawea Dollar holds the records for most sales within 10 months compared to other dollars combined in 20 years.

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