Pink Is Tickled Pink With Another Baby On The Way

She’s a super talent, raw in your face performer and real “softie” when it comes to family life.


Thirty-seven-year-old Pink has been the proud mama to young daughter Willow, and now, it appears their family tree is branching out. Pink and her husband Carey Hart are expecting their second child, and the lovely mama is really starting to show. There’s an unmistakable baby bump, and Pink has confirmed it to the world, according to the UK’s DailyMail.


Pink was recently photographed strolling along Santa Monica, California’s downtown, wearing a big smile and flashing the peace sign to fans and paparazzi. The peace sign could also be a reference to baby number two. She looked relaxed and was beaming, wearing a navy dress, large, fringed tote in front of her belly and white sneakers. Pink and Carey have been married for 10 years, and he’s a star, too, in the world of motocross racing. By the way, Pink’s real name is Alecia Beth Moore.


Willow is already five-years-old. She and Mama Pink took to Instagram to officially share the news. The beautiful photo depicts the star singer in a flowing white, loose dress with young Willow standing beside her and clutching her growing belly, The picture has enamored her fans, who have “hearted” the Instagram photo with more than 297.5 thousand likes.


Pink told Good Morning America that she loves being a mama. She says her number one goal in life is to have a successful family.



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