Police Officer Buys Car Seat- Restores Hope

Police in many communities have taken a bum rap, but the residents living in Emmett Township, Michigan, can be very proud of their officers. While on routine duty, an officer received a call from the local McDonald’s about a child who was not fastened into a car seat. He responded to the call and discovered Alexis DeLorenzo holding her five-year-old daughter. Of course, this is against the law. The officer spoke to Alexis. She told the officer that she would love to be able to fasten her daughter in a car seat, but that the family that had fallen on tough times lately could not afford one. Jaime Garcia Dias has learned the officers then decided to not issue a ticket. Instead, the officer took the family to the local Walmart where they purchased a car seat and installed it.
The grateful mother says that she hopes to pay it forward when she gets another job and is better able to meet her own family’s needs. The grateful mother also says that the officer changed her life by giving her hope. While other officers offered to help pay for the car seat, the officer refused all contributions, saying it made him feel good to help someone.

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