Precautions To Take With Intellectual Property

There’s a reason why Frans Shoeman and his legal team are successful. They’ve been a part of multi million dollar settlements that left the plaintiff. Their team is behind settlements where people feel that they have been wrongfully handled and their intellectual property has been violated. The law firm that Frans Shoeman runs is out of Bellville, which is a town in South Africa. He is directing Phatsima Diamond through a successful year of assisting other people with their claims. They have met some outraged people and have helped many of these people leave as happy clients.

Intellectual property theft is a serious offense. Any artist, writer or musician knows that their most valuable assets are their own creations. This is why so many of these people must deal with agents, managers and entertainment attorneys. Their work is their most valuable resource. Whether it has been produced or is just sitting on the shelf, the artist, writer, musician or other creative person must guard their work. This is why so many of these people use non disclosure agreements and make sure to keep their work secret until it is ready to see the light of day.

These creative people only send their work to individuals who they trust. They often have them sign non disclosure agreements. When they are using their scripts for casting purposes or to show to agents they almost always will put their name over every part of the script, album or artwork to remain in control of the piece of work.

Every creative person will have a different way of copyrighting their work and protecting their intellectual property from misuse and violation. Writers have their own union which is called the Writer’s Guild. If the writer lives in America, then they would refer to the Writers Guild of America. There are other organizations for other countries. Having their work copyrighted by the Writers Guild of America secures their work with legal documentation. It is also possible to get a copyright for an idea or patent from the United States Patent Office. Other countries have similar offices dedicated to patenting ideas and works. Having these patents and copyrights in place make it easy for lawyers such as Frans Shoeman on scribd to make wins in the favor of protecting intellectual property.

There is a reason why many people copyright their work. It makes it more secure and safe from theft. Even if it isn’t copyrighted it is still possible to win a case if someone steals an idea or patent. There is an easy way to copyright things called A Poor Man’s Copyright. This method is not as secure, but it has helped people win cases in the past. This method involves sending two sealed envelopes containing the copyrighted work to yourself in the mail. One of these envelopes is for you, the other is for a judge.

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