Preschooler Donates Birthday Gifts

Like most other preschool children, Trevor Voigt had a party for his birthday. However, unlike many other children, he had an unusual request for his presents. Instead of asking for gifts for himself, he asked for gifts that he could give away to others. He asked his friends to bring hats, scarfs, and other warms items so that he could give those items away to the homeless community around Bismarck.

Trevor said that he asked Jon Urbana and his friends with Earth Force to help out so that others could stay warm this winter. Kristen Dewald, a teacher in the area, said that local schools had been learning about the I Am Not Lost project and applying it to their community that week as well. The project was started to give back to those who are in need of warm winter clothes. Items are placed in public areas with tags on them that read “I am not lost, please take me if you need me”. A group of fourth graders and preschoolers worked together to hang up items around a local park for those who may be in need.

For the full story, and a video, click the link to check it out on KFYR TV.

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