Proposed Bill To Make House Work 5 Days a Week

Technically the House is only working from Monday night to Thursday afternoon which is only a little over 3 days a week. They want them to work like any other American who spends 5 days a week in their jobs. This would allow House members to have more time in talking about issues affecting the country and allow more brainstorming on how to make things better. Some say that it will take them away from certain tasks they have to perform in their districts which could also be a concern. It is about time that the government spends more time in their office and really focuses on what needs to be done.

This will show the American people like Dr Jennifer Walden that they are equal in terms of becoming productive for their own needs and especially for the country. It’s something that has been talked about on

Most members of the Congress earn $174,000 in a year which is still triple the amount of what most Americans earn, but in the last 2 sessions, they were only able to accomplish 300 bills for the country. They should be required to participate in sessions even more to compensate on the amount of their salary.

Being in Congress requires a lot of attention and dedication and since you are a part of something that is running a country, it is crucial that you participate actively as well in making the country better.

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