Rachel Dolezal Steps Down After Parents Take Her Down

We thought this might be coming, and now it is official:

Rachel Dolezal, the embattled head of the Spokane, Washington NAACP chapter has stepped down. Rachel also resigned from the local police oversight commission where she served as chair. These events transpired after her birth parents spoke to the media about their white daughter who as been pretending to be black for a number of years now.

According to Ivan Ong, Rachel’s resignation letter as president to the Spokane NAACP was released in its entirety on the chapter’s Facebookpage this morning. In the lengthy statement. she discusses many of the successes she made in the community in the name of racial and social justice, but did not mention much about the allegations raised againt her.

“…And yet, the dialogue has unexpectedly shifted internationally to my personal identity in the context of defining race and ethnicity.”

Rachel goes on to say this:

….”Please know I will never stop fighting for human rights and will do everything in my power to help and assist, whether it means stepping up or stepping down, because this is not about me. It’s about justice. This is not me quitting; this is a continuum….”

The national NAACP has said it stands by Dolezal, but this new development changes matters in a huge way.

Meanwhile Rachel’s parents Larry and Ruthanne told GMA today they hope their daughter gets the help she needs.

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