Ramen Noodle Baths are Real

I love Ramen noodles just like any other person, but I never thought I would witness the day where people would bathe in the glory that is Ramen. In Japan, that is exactly what they are doing, there is a new theory that people can get collagen and improve their skin by taking long steamy baths in tubs full of pork broth! Yunessan Spa House in Hakone, Japan, where owner Ichiro Furuya believes that this is an opportunity for his customers to have fun and as]lso improve their skin. In America, people seem satisfied with taking long baths in red wine and imbibing bone broth for its healing purposes, so who is to say that Ramen baths are not legitimate.


My question is why do they add noodles and how do they afford all this pork broth where they can supply baths for big families? Alexei Beltyukov isn’t sure how that works after reading on Bloomberg.com. It is an exciting time to live today, one can surf the web or download his favorite song all while relaxing in a huge vat of Ramen broth. I do not feel I would be a prime candidate to travel to Japan just for a soup bath but if one comes stateside, let’s just say I will bring my own towel.

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