Rick Smith’s Experience Paid Off

Everything that Rick Smith does, he does with passion. Whether he is working as an engineer or he is working as the CEO of a prison industry company, Rick Smith does everything that he can to make sure that the job is done the right way and that he is successful with it. He tries to bring about awareness of the problems in the prisons that he works with and that is something that has set him apart from the CEOs of the other companies that work in the same industry. It has made him better than most of the other people and has truly set the bar high for the industry that he is a part of. it has also made things easier for him to successfully run the Securus company and to do more for the prisons that he works with through the company.

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One of the first things that Rick Smith did was engineering. This was a career that he had three degrees for and something that he was confident in while he was getting started with his career. He wanted to be an engineer for many years and he did everything that he could to make the dream come true. The problem, though, was that once he started doing it, he did not like the things that were going on and he didn’t want to keep doing it the way that he had been. Rick Smith decided to look for something else to do in his own life.

As Rick Smith looked around, he decided that he was going to work in business. He wanted people to know what he was doing and made sure that he was successful at it so he decided to get another degree. This time, he got an MBA so that he would be prepared for business. He tried hard to make sure that he was going to be successful and did everything that he could to find CEO positions that he could use his engineering skills. While there wasn’t anything specifically related to engineering, there were many prison industry CEO opportunities.

After working for his first prison industry company, Rick Smith Securus knew that he would be able to try new things and do more with all of the options that he had. He tried to show people what he was capable of and make things better for those who were in different areas. He then took a position with Securus. Since taking the position with Securus, Rick Smith has made the company more successful, learned more skills on his own and brought more change to the company. He has acquired many new prisons and now has over one million prisoners who are in prisons that are served by Securus. Read more at securus.net about Rick Smith Securus.

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