Ryan Reynolds Continues to Brilliantly Promote Deadpool

Is Ryan Reynolds really furious about being snubbed for an Oscar nomination? No, but the character Deadpool is. The violent and humorous mercenary does has something to say.


A video was released recently featuring a peeved Deadpool. The video won’t lead to any Oscars, but it should lead to some awards for marketing. The video reflects the consistently brilliant strategy of promoting Marvel/Fox’s Deadpool series.


Ryan Reynolds deserves an enormous amount of credit for making the first Deadpool film a massive hit. The $800+ million the film earned at the worldwide box office was thanks in large part to the actor’s relentless promotion of the film. Reynolds stayed in character throughout various promotional appearances online and in TV media. Deadpool came alive thanks to Reynolds energetic performance. Audiences took note and responded with massive ticket buys.


The sequel to Deadpool is in the pipeline. Interestingly, the new film will debut the character of Cable. Fox owns the rights to X-Men properties of which Cable is one of many. Deadpool has the potential to grow to heights loftier than the X-Men franchise considering the downswing the X-movies have been headed.


Ryan Reynold’s incredible — and funny — approach to presenting Deadpool as something different from all the many other superhero films out there has contributed mightily to the attained success. This is no easy feat in a world where superhero projects seem to be cranked out on an assembly line. Reynolds has pulled off the ability to make Deadpool appear as a special must-see character. The actor deserves enormous kudos.


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